Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Mac Mini

new mac mini
Everyone has been waiting for big announcements from Apple on Feb, 28th '06. Most of the rumor sites were expecting to see a dedicated (or "real") ipod video player with a bigger screen and a touch screen click wheel, an intel-based Ibook, Apple DVR with tivo like functionalities. Honestly, I was disappointed about the announcements because there weren't any "big" or new products. I doubted the release of the video ipod because they just released the ipod w/video not so long ago so they can make profits.

However, I was pretty excited and glad to see the new Mac Mini. The biggest updates to this Mac Mini are that it's got the Intel chip, and Front Row (Remote included). There are two models: the lower-end has a 1.5Ghz Intel Core Solo ($599) and the higher-end model with 1.66Ghz Intel Core Duo ($799) processor. Other updates to the new Mac Mini are:

* ILife '06
* Four USB ports
* Gigabit Ethernet
* Up to 2GB of DDR2 memory
* 2MB of L2 cache
* Dual layer dvd burner for $799 model
* 667Mhz FSB

This is a nice update with new hardware which will make a big difference in speed. This is something I definately would like to purchase in the future but the higher end model is a big pricey for me. This adds another item on my wish list. Apple just keeps making the best hardware.


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