Monday, March 13, 2006

Neon Tetras

neon tetras
Hey this is totally off topic from tech but I recently turned into a hobby aquarist. I'm a beginner of course and I recently got 6 neon tetras and they're awesome. It was unfortunate to find 2 dead the day after I got them. Those two were put into a quarantine tank as soon as I brought them home because they had damaged scales. So I ended up giving them a salt bath with 2 drops of quick cure. That's probably the cause of their death. I had learned the hard way, not to ever do that again. (The picture above isn't my tank, just showing the fish that I got. Wish it my setup)


Anonymous young_activist said...

I hope that you will find fishkeeping to be a rewarding hobby. I have done it for many years now and I have six tanks and an entire library dedicated to fish. It would probably be a good idea for you no to buy sick or damaged fish at the store. BTW if you'r interested your blog was just listed on blogshares, a virtaul stock market for blogs. Check it out, Blogshares is another rewarding hobby.

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