Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ipod Video!

5G Ipod
The long awaited Ipod video has been released. They released two versions: a 30gb version for $299, and a 60Gb version for $399. Also comes in two colors; black & white. It's got a 2.5in screen, a screen resolution of 320X240, 20hr battery life, MPEG and H.264 codec support. Apple put up downloadable video content on their online music store. They offer music videos, TV shows, and Pixar clips, all for $1.99. They just started this so hope to see more (good) video content in the near future. It supports video out to watch video content on the ipod video on your TV. Although I've read that the quality isn't so good. Size wise, the length and width is the same as the 60Gb 4th gen. But they made it thinner; under half an inch thick.

When I first saw this, I thought, awesome definitely gotta pick one up. Cuz even with the 30Gb version, you get plenty of space. Even with videos, you can put a bunch of content compared to my 1Gb of memory on my PSP. Then after some time and reading other people's comments, I think I will wait for the next version of Ipod video w/a widescreen format, no forward option during video, and other improvements (better battery life?). Definitely will be happy with a longer battery life since the Ipod now only has about 3hrs. watching videos. I'll be watching videos on my PSP and looking forward to the revised version of the Ipod video.


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