Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ipod Nano!

ipod nano b&w
Apple releases the Ipod Nano! There are two sizes; a 2GB version for $199, and a 4GB version for $249. Like Steve Jobs said, this is incredibly small. That's what got me.

Like it's brother the shuffle, the Nano is using flash-based memory instead of a hard drive. This means it'll never crash and it's error-free(?). Apple says the battery life is up to 14 hours. I was expecting more than being it's a flash based player. Another addition to this new device is that you can view photos. It's a cool addition but it's gotta be hard on your eyes when viewing photos on such a small screen. And there's no video-out option for the Nano. The big drawback with the Nano is that there's only a headphone jack up top so you don't have the jack to plug in your third party accessories or add-ons. It's sucks for us consumers but I guess that's how businesses gotta run, to make money. And lastly, I was glad to see the dock on the Nano is compatible with previous versions of the docks. Anyone with a ipod dock or ipod speakers can still use theirs and don't have to go out and purchased new docks.

All in all, the Ipod Nano is an awesome tiny device and definitely goes on my wish list.


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