Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Driver Issue

After I got my new Dell 20" Widescreen display, the current graphics card driver wasn't supporting the widescreen format and the native resolution. So I upraded the driver and got it working in widescreen format. Everything was fine except I ran into a problem. When I opened up wmp files and dvds files, the video looked distorted the color didn't look right. So I used windows system restore and got everything back to normal except for the resolution and no widescreen. So I tried uninstalling the stock driver and installing the new driver I downloaded from the manufacture's site. So luck. After searching through pages of google results, I found a solution for the wmp files. Thanks to a guy in the forum, all I had to do was in wmp go into "tools", "options", "performance", under "video acceleration", slide the bar from "full" to the middle part. That fixed it. I still had the video issue with dvds.

Looking over search results in google, nothing came up. I asked someone with lots of computer experience, he suggested I go to the manufacturer's site and search the forums. Why didn't I think of that? But thanks to him, I found someone in the forums with the same problem as I had:

Video overlay gamma values are too high with NVIDIA Forceware 77.72 display driver.

This is a known bug which has been fixed in the Forceware unified display driver version 77.76 and above. Please proceed to download the Forceware 77.76 display driver from the URL below:

Driver Update Version 77.76

After installing over the previous version, everything was fine. Yosha~! So whoever with an nvidia fx5200 and a Dell 2005FPW just install the driver in the link I posted.


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