Saturday, August 20, 2005

$50 Ibook

$50 Ibook stampede
You probably heard by now about the $50 Ibook. So up in Richmond, Virginia, a school district decided to get rid of their 4 year old Ibooks as fast as they could. They didn't expect such a chaos would occur. It's said more than 1000 people showed up with only 4 off-duty police cops. This "event" turned out to a total chaos. There was literally a stampede with everyone shoving people out of the way, yelling, and desperate to get their hands on this Ibook. Because of this, a woman was furious since her baby almost got tramples along with her stroller which was crushed. There was an elderly man who got shoved and fell to the ground from people shoving each other. Reports say a woman was so desperate to stay in line, she urinated on herself. This is just crazy. The price is luring but I wouldn't go as far as these people did.

Here the link to watch a clip of what happened. You'll see how crazy this was. Link of video


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