Thursday, July 28, 2005


Whoohooo~!!! Just received my LCD from Dell. Out of the box a dvi cable, analog cable, usb cable, and monitor w/stand of course is included. I like how Dell included everything that's needed right out of the box like a dvi cable. If it was another company like Sony, I don't know if they would include that.

So I went to hook everything up and a problem came up. I hooked up my pc with the dvi input and the monitor doesn't recognize it. So I tested the dvi connection with my powerbook and bam, it worked. I tried another windows pc with dvi but no luck. So there's no problem with the dvi connection, what else could it be? I thought it might be that my video cards doesn't support the resolution of the display. But a quick google search proved wrong. I saw on a site saying, my stock(crappy) Nvidia Gefore FX5200 supports 2048x1536 resolution at 75MHz, which I assume that's analog VGA. Then it said, highest DVI output upto 1600x1200. On the manual from Dell the max resolution it supports is 1680x1050 Pixels. Going by those specs it should be ok. I ended up just going VGA on the windows and then hooking up the dvi to my mac. I'm happy with that.

After switching back and forth between screen resolution settings, every setting seemed wrong. I realized all the settings weren't in widescreen mode. So I go to nvidia's homepage and download the latest driver version 77.72. Fiddling with the settings I got it working in widescreen format. Man did it look nice. It was so overwhelming to see everything I'm used to seeing on a 20" widescreen LCD.

Another issue came up after updating the graphics drivers. My Windows Media Player files looked distorted along with any dvds I play on the PowerDvd Player. The video looked fine on a quicktime movie file though. So another trip to google and I found the solution for my problem in a forum. In WMP, I went to "Tools", "Options", "Performance", then under "Video Acceleration" I changed the bar from "Full" to the middle portion. Done. That fixed the video for WMP files. Now I need to figure out a fix for playing dvds on the Powerdvd player. Anyone with a solutions or had the same problem will be greatly appreciated.

Back to the features on the monitor. I loved the picture by picture(pbp) and picture in picture(pip) settings. The lcd has regular video rca input and a s-video input. So I wanted to check out the pbp and pip and hooked a gamecube I had laying around. Picture looked fuzzy but playable at full screen running a game. Then I hit one of the buttons and bam, I can run either a computer screen and a game console, dvd player, etc. in the corner throught pip. Or a computer screen and a video game or video(dvd, vhs) side by side through pbp. I love this feature.

I definately recommend the Dell 20" Widescreen to anyone looking for a monitor upgrade. I just saw @ slickdeals a better deal for this exact monitor $359 w/free shipping. So BUY it people!


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