Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Best yaki-niku ever! I just ate at a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Manhattan, Gyu-kaku. If you love good food this is the place to go with a group of people. First you walk in to a cool, stylish atmosphere, very nyc-like feel, and pretty spacious. Then you have a bbq grill in front of you at every table and cook your own food. These yaki-niku restaurants are everywhere in Japan. I had the gyu-kaku salad, kobe beef (kalbi & rib-eye), vegetables, bibimba, and a taste of goma negi ramen.

The portions I thought are like ones Japan, quite small that is. (Becoming an American. yabai...) I should've ordered gohan. That would've helped. The menu has a huge variety which I liked. Everything we ordered was very good. And on the ceilings they have these huge air ducts that get rid of all the smoke from the BBQ (very Japanese minded: thinking about customers), so you don't have that smokey environment like some korean restaurants. I enjoyed gyu-kaku and recommend it everyone and definately would go back.

Gyu-kaku originally started in Japan and they have restaurants all over Japan. The ones in Japan have different menus of course. (Gyu-kaku Japan) If you live in California or Hawaii, you're lucky, they have them there as well.


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