Monday, May 02, 2005

Sony PSP

Sony PSP
So, I finally got the long awaited PSP. I got the Japanese version since it said that there was no region protection on games. So I'll be able to purchase American and Japanese psp games. As for UMDs, I don't think I'll be dropping $20~$30 for something that's less quality compared to dvds for the same price (in some cases, more expensives). Only if I see a Japanese UMD I really want, I wouldn't go out and buy it. There is one that I wouldn't buy, but would like to see it here (Naruto movie).

First impressions on the PSP was awesome screen. I was amazed at how nice the picture quality was on a portable. And I was glad about the fact that it was a wide sceen format 16:9. There were two choices for the PSP. One was the basic pack with a psp console, ac adapter, and rechargeable batteries. The one I ended up with was the value pack. It came with everything that the basic pack has plus a 32mb memory stick duo, headphones w/remote control, soft case, and a strap. A 32MB of memory isn't gonna get you much, unless you only need some songs and some saved games. C'mon Sony! For the price I paid for, couldn't you guys put atleast 64MB? I wasn't as upset about the insufficient memory as the fact that it didn't come with a usb cable. It's called a "value pack", it should be included, no? It wasn't much, but I had to go out and purchase the usb cable to transfer music, video, pictures, and maybe games?

The games I own are Ridget Racer and Bleach. I haven't played much of Ridget Racer yet, but so far so good. Impressive graphics considering it's a fast action racing game and that the psp can handle it. Bleach is a fighting game based on the anime/manga. This too, has got some amazing fluid motion graphics. Some people were complaining that the loading times were too long but I didn't really think it was slow. It wouldn've been something if the PSP came with a hard drive. No one would be complaining then. Not to mention that you would be able to transfer so much more, and that you would actually be able to transfer more than one video file (that's if you had a gig of memory).

Music quality on the PSP was as good as an ipod. Transfering songs from pc to psp was simple if you knew that it only supported MP3 and ATRAC. I wished it supported AAC format. I'm a mac user (Windows user also). For music, no question, I would say the Ipod is the best mp3 player out there. Getting video on your PSP isn't as easy as drag and drop for music and photos. You will have to go through a number of applications from converting it to a format psp supports to compressing the video file down to a size your memory stick can fit. Here is a great "how to" link that shows the steps.

Although the price for the PSP is on the high side, considering you have to purchase a memory stick (if you want more pictures, saves games, music, videos) it's a fine piece of gadget. Just love how it can handle everything, kind of like an Ipod Photo + games. It's a definate recommend.


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i too love my PSP. Isn't it jus great?

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